RETURN OF THE ORACLE 3 (2022 New Movie)- Zubby Michael 2022 Latest Nigerian Movie |Nollywood Movies

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PART 4 (Final Season)- A powerful native doctor in a battle between his two daughters whom he …

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  1. What am seeing is a old man with grave hair take him out of here ???????,papa say I want you Married wives and have as many children ???

  2. ????more love ? ❤ ? ♥ ? ? for everyone this movie is something else ooh, I can't be blind for long, because he still wanna collect the good things because he's a father to a Rev??? father ???thanks to all ?????

  3. I love African movies .
    It is sad to see an African culture and traditions are been deminished to give servitude and reverence to the Slave Masters product of ( the Christ ) that only benefitting the slave masters children today , with all that they have gain through brutal fear and force .
    Look up and learn about ( Karest Mess ) your heritage , your spiritual entity .

    Forget about Christmas

  4. Nonsense,,, there's no real chief priest that will ask anyone pastor or Roman Catholic priest to leave their Bible or rosery at home before visiting him for good reason if not only African Movies.

  5. Imagine you did all this and you can't enjoy the money. Jude is right, he didn't tell him it was Nelson's sister. It's nit his fault. But revenge is bitter!

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