What is Love without trust?? Can one work without the other? Both Ladies were living in a clouded world of lack of trust and doubt. They both treated their …

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  1. That friend is adding more salt to injury but Zubby's wife is playing into her hand she will regret her decision to end the marriage am enjoying this movie & thanks for uploading. The other married man should send his wife away she is useless for him

  2. Now you not go cook for your husband and your son, your husband go still bring house girl the house you go still dey do the house anyhow, and even respect you knew get for your husband, what a big shameless wife

  3. Zubby your wife has a serious problem ohhhh i have never seen something like that she is to much she makes me sick and your friend istnt helping you u fool she want your husband for herself an she will soon take him if you dont come to you senses so everything that happen between you an husband run to her with it you fool she is after husband for herself you will sorry ohhhh

  4. Sam is bin too soft for this his wife why can't he send her parking ???the woman sef is full of wahala, en for Zubby insecurity and nagging will destroy her home, am here enjoying till I see the end of these two wives.. Thanks for uploading ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. I’m so freaking tired of these wives what is it What is love without trust you have to trust the one you love otherwise it’s not gonna work griffin get over yourself Anthony is not cheating on you and by the way your friend want your man

  6. My fellow tenants on YouTube,pls are we sure this Sam's wife is mentally sound? Bcos she won't do the right thing n yet fights everyone who her husband brings to do it. At the same time exhibiting signs of insecurity ?I am asking for a friend cos I don't think she is mentally sound ooo.

  7. This man wife is going to destroy her own marriage caz of her foolishness she is very lazy n is always accusing her husband of cheating on her with his maids a man can tk as much as he can if she dont change her ways she will be the one who will be leaving

  8. I have Not See Such Thing In My Life,Some Times We Women Should Use Our Wisdom Not Everybody That Congratulated You Are Truly Happy For You, Anthony Is A Nice And Caring Husband As Long His Not Even Disrespecting You And He Take Care Of You What Else Did You Want From A Man? As For The Other Woman Mr Sam Wife I Think You Have Mental Problem You That Can't Even Take Care Of Your Only Child You Are Still Misbehaving, Maybe Your Husband Is Under A Spell I Can't Call This Love,You Are Not The Bread Winner Of The Family You Are Not Even Working You Still Have Mouth To Talk Who Dose That…. Any Ways Let See How It's End….A Good Woman Build Her Home Why The Foolish Ones Destroy Their Home ? Am Still Watching Let's See How It Goes…Nice Movie Kudos To You All

  9. Fellow women is beating you like ababy ?? don't u hve ✋ u're old enough to fight her back lol? zubby let her book she's playing with snake ? called a friend ?? gateman has told that lady to save her tears for tomorrow ???has made my day

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