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  1. Strangers shall hear of me, they shall obey me, they shall submit themselves unto me,……they shall fade away, and run out of their close places. Do not be afraid of what the enemy can do, stand firm and pray without season.

  2. Listen to this guy explain one may think evil Nigeria have the equivalent to showcase to the students not knowing that the governor and president car is more expensive than the poor building called schools and hospitals in evil Nigeria

  3. Why you guys, the good movies that u will watch and get something from it, them they created App for you to go download and register on it, after than u pay money before you watch, why na, let we the poor also enjoy something na. I list on YouTube they pay you guys, why na

  4. shout out to jim, Mary and onyii you'll did justice to this movie. And thanks to you guys for putting smile on our faces through acting.

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