NIGERIAN MOVIES 2018 Jide( Zubby Micheal) is a modern day native doctor, his shrine is a place where young boys seek for help to make quick cash off their …


  1. Do not like the ending. He suffered in the beginning. Everyone was against him just because he was poor. Now, that he accepted his so called calling, he should have been awarded for it. But, you put him to shame. You let his friend that pro traded him get off totally free

  2. It was ok. Zubby's girlfriend is a good girl because she never wanted to cheat on him regardless of how she end up get involved with Max. With her friend, mom & Zubby's friend started to get into her head, especially the friend & the mom. Zubby's friend betrayed him too. It was ok whatever. Never did get to see the person that took away Zubby's power. Mi like Zubby's sister hair it just lie down & fit her.

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