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  1. that is why God put men to be strong hearted in leadership but women can not allow us to do so why we for a mision as it is written

  2. Your loyalty is worth everything to me….. That got me…
    This is trust, this is love, this is unity,…..
    All the evil people in the world especially Nigeria government…. Must face the judgment of God in the right way… God bless Nigeria

  3. Hello, I'm from Indonesia and I so happy to see Indomie in minutes 4:37, Indomie is a noodle from Indonesia. Thank you for loving the product from my country keep make cools movie and always eat Indomie 😍. GBU

  4. Bishop you are too much,, I will send you to where he is, when you get there you make the payment,, what a real bishop I ever known,, you are man of the men,, tuale bishop

  5. real nice with innovative idea in the Nigeria films industry,showcase Nigeria talents to the global economy ,helping to rebrand nation through films it welcome development especially with u tuba films on the go

  6. For sure this movie really shows how nigerians are more talented in acting ,big up to ur selves all nollywood stars i really want to be a nigerian because of ur movies, thanks once again for taking my stress

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