WRONG WILL SEASON 2 [New Hit Movie} -Zubby Micheal|2021 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie|Firstnollytv

Your friends are integral part of you and as such who you give the title “Best friend” is of great importance….. chief Douglas was a wealthy man who was …

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  1. D both wives n their children don't even care wat killed d man, except Ebuka, Zubby, all they care about is d will.it's more difficult 4 an outsider 2 harm u n easier 4 an insider 2 harm u.

  2. This is the reason we should becarful on people around us, work with and even the family we're from. Cos some people are just wicked and evil to destroy you

  3. Greedy people's everywhere ☹️ their don't even care about thy husband death all thy care about is will,humm let me keep watching and see how it goes ?

  4. Happy New Month family ?
    This small boy supposed to be in school but he's here fighting for inheritance and he poison his father hmmm what a wicked world ??

  5. I suspect that lawyer he maybe working for one of his wife that is why men try and marry one wife I suspect the house girl everyone is a suspect
    Interesting movie thanks guys

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