Willie is working #SAmedia #doings #nawedeyhere #blessup… – Zubby Michael Instagram

Willie is working #SAmedia #doings #nawedeyhere #blessup...

Date: 2019-12-07 06:43:20

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  1. Willie is working he shuu work and do something about the Power failure here in Uli, Anambra state… Development, development, yet Uli still looks like and actually is a village

  2. How can a whole community abi na Village be depending on Generator for Power supply, yet fuel rate here is expensive, #200 naira per litre for a week is that not enough to buy a textbook of low price? During exam period students will keep on buying fuel to be able to study at night, Quiz period we keep on buying fuel just to read and pass

  3. The future leaders of tomorrow are already spending out of budget, pocket money is no longer enough, a school, University as such formerly called Anambra State University, yet, Ndi Anambra has shown less concern to the needs of students of this school, how fair is this my people?

  4. We ask for nothing more, I (Jane Agbo) personally ask for nothing more other than steady light. At least 15 to 17hrs light is enough, aswr for us that has not seen light here in Uli it’s even more than enough biko nu special adviser on Media matters advise this one nah, biko nu

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