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  1. Do you know Nigeria is not over here like America Babylon high definition graphics movies Dad it looks so real the guns that they using have blank bullets but it looks so real when I used to when I had a fight scenes it looks so real that you think it is real Bluiett coming off the individual not Nigeria low-budget movies

  2. You know what cracks me up with people especially women when they say they looking for somebody real but when you looking at them and you looking in a face in the eyes and look them up and down from here to town everything is fake about them they hear they eyelashes now to even the black women they are getting implants do you know so what's real about you nothing is real about these women a rather look like manikins dolls baby dolls pound of make up on

  3. You Gotta make yourself up just to look good do you do not look good you got to change your whole identity for you to look good you do not look good straighten natural is the best the way God made you but I forgot you Nigerians and don't believe in the motor 98% of y'all are voodoo worshipers worship the devil just like these so-called American black people now

  4. People don't even tell these black women die DR these are the New Age prostitutes they be on a corner on her street and I trying to put them in movies like they like high profile seen women but these are hookers dress how prostitutes address so there's a number porno script movies

  5. I grew up with watching Mr. TJTU Nigerians don't know none about that but he was the only black man that I knew would a mohawk back then but I know you Africans they do stuff like that voodoo were shipping and stuff like that but over here in America Babylon you see this stuff now but like I was saying I grew up with Mr. T the 18 only thing I liked about Mr. T was the all gold chains you would never see me rock a mohawk

  6. That white boy shit that's corny shit you would never see me get out my character wear tight clothes try to be like a white person try to do anything white you know I want to stay in a new age well yes I do understand anyways black people they go they more retarded than anything

  7. And then when you see these Nigerians like I can just like these so-called American people in Babylon so call black people to show you how retarded color people really look doing these things

  8. We are knees times now that is so hard in the world of day even a find a natural girl find somebody that's not doing the same thing somebody's doing next-door right next to them other than that everybody doing the same thing like over here in American Babylon you cannot go one block cross the street without seeing 50 girls in spandex that's all I wear is spandex specially the colored girls and I am working out to the fullest

  9. Do you know a sore pour over here in Nigeria like it's 2018 look at the stretcher that they got this woman Landowne I've been wanting to make a comment about that at all your movies that I've been looking at like this treacherous so 1946

  10. I did I do that for real or Nigeria like say for example like I had a lady just called his lady and told her that she need to come back and then she hung up the phone and then just start talking to her self like that's how your people really at what each other and do that like just you or talk to somebody and be in a person to leave Waylene just start talking to yourself we labeled out in America Babylon crazy psychotic Ludacris stupid dumb founded

  11. Man look at that hospital bed but like I said this is a Nigerian movie your technology is so outdated y'all are outdated that's why y'all are Mezmerize what American culture your love America so much and don't even realize you're loving the devil but then again your people worship Lucifer

  12. Over here in Nigeria y'all believe in a white Messiah y'all think the most heart is why y'all price I look at your movies all praise the white statues and stuff like that going to church going to charge our Ballin down to white so caught the person who you're a slave master gave y'all a name Jesus you're still calling on Jesus

  13. Or if you're not calling Jesus you're saying Jehovah some else someone else Lucifer nine remember Lucifer get many names the Motown you have one and that's Ahayah father and his son Yashya

  14. i really dont know why Nollywood cant move forward, by producing films without using pronouns robber guns………………. i will prefer watching without robber guns…….. i am tired of this weak country, everything about Nigeria is absolutely weak

  15. Omo see Gun lol, when i saw the gun i just remember when i was still a little kid that my father use to buy the kinda gun for me on xmass period, nollywood no go kill me ooooo