The Local Girl I Love 1 – Zubby Michael Latest Nollywood Movies 2017 | Nigerian Movies

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  1. Ogomma is wrong and strong, mentally. . She need to humble herself ,and learn to listen ,until she gets an education.. Still watching, lets hope things work out for her.. Great job Queen Nwokoye,Ngozi and ZUbby Michael.. ?.

  2. lol I didnt know there was an early part called the cursed beauty, I watched ugomma the school girl like so many times and now I watched the cursed beauty and here I am. I was wondering why the cursed beauty had ugomma the school girl vibe lol?? I didnt know it was the first part

  3. Good. Morning gys. Queen. And. I have the same birth month. August. Girl. Big up to you girl. We are people brilliant extremely talented add streak good girl Haiti from Jamaica