SPIRIT OF JANET SEASON 7 {NEW MOVIE} – Zubby Micheal,2023 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie


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Source: FirstNolly TV on Youtube


  1. Dave has a stone heart, imagine he knows everything about his fiance's disappearance and here he is pretending as if he's innocent,but i trust karma it will deal with him mercilessly

  2. The police officers are so wicked and they have refused to do a proper investigation to know the truth but they busy torturing an innocent person what will they say if Rose loose her life in the process.Zubby please help Janet for the sake of Rose the torture is too much while the criminal is walking freely

  3. Parents this young lady is your daughter"s friend, why torture her something she know nothing of, her fiance was the last to see her yet you believe him, how are you going to be able to rectify this.

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