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  1. Wat I'll pipo say, won't they mock me? Diz question has killed alot of women, wat ur business with wat pipo I'll say about u.
    Do wat pleases nd suits u not wat pleases other live yo life da way u want – – – – we really need learn from these movies. Juliet b'cz of her stupid blindfold love of his husband.

  2. Zubby growing up saw what his mother was doing to his father at an extent of her killing the husband ????????????????but the father warned him never to hint a woman but his stubbornness he ended up beating and turning her to a punching bag to extent of killing her ????????????????????

  3. So zubby's mother is the reason he has become a woman beater,but he should have known that not all women r like his mother cos of that he killed his wife even she was the best wife.

  4. That's why it's not good to do bad things Infront of kids parents should respect there children inorder to avoid all of this but that was very bad for you to kill innocent lady ????

  5. Emenike is totally wrong it was his mother's sin not his wife's so he took his revenge on a wrong person????????.the house maid really tried for her madam to leave but she was blind to see all this abuse and emotions in the name of what people will say now she is dead while the husband will live his life to the fullest????????????????

  6. Who else wants Emenike to enter cell with this evil act of his like I do raise your hands up ✋️let's identify ourselves i pray no woman should experience this in their lives IJMN Amen ????????????????????

  7. Emenike is heartless killing his wife is a no no, as a small boy he witnessed so many things his mother as done to his father make him to be this way . The jealousy and the insecurity was beating him bad so the rages are all ways there in him but he better come home and tell them everything ????????????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Your mother was mean and wicked to your father doesn’t mean all women are like that. Your father warned you not to hit a woman, but you went ahead and pound your wife pounded yam even killing her

  9. Ppl always says never let a man beat you in front of your kid's ????zubby wat your mom did was wrong but your wife can't pay for your mom sin????????I just pray this is a dream ????

  10. Zubby dont tell me its your Mothers sin that turn you to abusive husband and a monster… your wife was faithful, loving and you even testify that she's the one taking care of the house through her fundation..i think you adopt hatred for everywoman and you decided to maltreat and beat your wife any how…. Zubby you mess up big time

  11. Say no to abusive relationship/marriage,. Don't even think of what people will say,. Your wife is more important than anything else.
    Is so sad that Emenike's wife died just like that????????

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