RADICAL PRINCE SEASON 6(2023 NEW MOVIE} – Zubby Micheal|2023 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

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  1. Considering the fact that the queen already had 3 girls, we can all say that the prince is not Royal… Now the queen is forcing her son of a retired nurse on the princess because of a deal they had..

  2. My queen y asking the lady about your son,u already know your son and his behaviors,,,his showing some love and care to the lady,but we all know it's just the matter of time,

  3. I don't get it …. these are the same people who freak out when their girl child is under a tree with a boy but will gladly offer their daughter to a sexual toy for a royal .. to be used and discarded.

    What is the benefit?

  4. Girls like Nelly cry later because their are hard headed and blind. The man does not want you. What is there to force? These folks want to set themselves up for a lifetime of rejection.

  5. "Your time is up .. pack your things and leave!" As expected …. WHY do you have this child on her knees begging this fool to abuse her? Why won't they listen??