RADICAL PRINCE SEASON 10(2023 NEW MOVIE} – Zubby Micheal|2023 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

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  1. This husband to be sef ??
    So when zubby was pointing gun and talking to you any how at your traditional wedding you did not have voice.???see the way he is shouting at the palace.??‍♀️??‍♀️

  2. I knew it I said it he was not the son of the King, wayward boy. Very full of himself. Speaking about he is heir apparent and his play ground. Calling other reached and smelly. Face your own. You want to marry our Princess. Thanks guys.

  3. HIS PROBLEMS LIE WITH THE QUEEN …… So all these years y'all could have handled this and not have this fool terrorizing your kingdom…. but you let it carry on…
    His behavior didnt just develop overnight… youthful exuberance .. my foot!!