KADUNA NZEOGWU season 4(New Trending Movie)-Zubby Micheal|Ekene Umenwa|Alex Osufo|2023 Latest Movie

Kaduna is a story that centers on the life of a young man name Patrick Nzeogwu who is a village tout that collects levy. But he met …

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  1. It's Mr idiot's eyes when reading the list for me even the king himself is shocked he can't destroy kaduna because he has his pot of charm already.Amanda has no feelings for Kennedy/the senator's son she has fallen in love with kaduna already.Jenny is so happy for what happened to Amanda but I don't see her finishing this movie in peace.Kaduna don't know Amanda is the daughter of soldiershis worst enemy his fair lady is fine now ????

  2. I tink kaduna is over doing at this point no respect for the king self some one that made u who you are now he lost respect for the king even have no fear to go into the shrine