HORNEY MAN SEASON 1 – Zubby Micheal,Ify Ezeh,2023 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

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  1. I wonder if the husband's best friend is sleeping with his wife. Everytime he speaks on issue to his friend, his nostrils flare a little wider, if that's even possible ?
    Husband should be happy he has a wife who is pestering him for his service. His friend wishes he was in his place.

  2. But why always this man complains to his friends about his wife then Mr. Nose ? open his nose ? wide ? l hope he's not doing bad thing with his friend's wife oooo

  3. I'm not cheating on u why are u always suspecting me 2 cheat on u ma husband diz z not fair ?????? then doom condoms fell-down see how God hv expose u in front of ur husband now wat are u going 2 explain a married woman carrying condoms 4 wat exactly.

  4. Why is Ify Eze being mean to Zubby then later she will start dragging him with someone who truly loves him.Gloria Johnson will go for Zubby and it will be war between her and Ify.chantel Igwe a cheat you will ruin your marriage

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