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SYNOPSIS : A promising young man, gets involved in the business of scamming his community under the guise of a wealthy businessman. PRODUCTION …

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  1. I knew the man will finally be back after he traveled for a while. Those girls were stunned and confused, because they didn't believed what they saw. "Every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner". The fact they were used to the street life as runs girls, I wouldn't had blamed them for being brain washed by the young man, who disguised himself as a boss of the house than a poor local gateman. However, The only reason the royal family wanted the princess to marry the other wealthy prince than the one she previously loved, was because of the deal the prince made with the king. He probably also got the princess pregnant just for her not to be married to the other prince. The king argued that the princess's ex didn't contributed in anything towards the royal family, but forgot that their daughter and him were deeply in love, before the wealth from the other prince got involved.

  2. When cat gone rat take charge what a little house boy out of order and bright a pretend and a go round like him rich women a throw themselves at him giving fake money women barking like dogs meowing like cat but him end a come when his boss returned , now that prince is so nice and genuine the princess don't know shack aka zubby Michael but because of greed they turn their back on him shack lied to his mother he don't own a car for himself his friends are playing him for the money him owed them what a rat race who got the princess pregnant what will the king and Queen do when they find out that shack broke like church mouse oh boy oh boy every thing with zubby in it i love it I just love him big up yuh self zubby nuff blessings

  3. Big lying machine see where your greediness has landed you into, but despite all your boss he has a good heart,he still have you money to fix your life.following to see the end of Doings ??. the background song eish ???????

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