DENIED DESTINY Season 5. – Zubby Micheal,2023 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

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  1. God makes our lives beautiful at his own timing. He's our hope when we're hopeless ND our strength when we're weak. Glory to the most high God for bringing us this far Amen ✅????????????????

  2. It doesn't work dat way,ur mother gave birth to 100 children,ur give birth to million children,ur mother,is ur mother n ur,urself(Destiny)differs!

  3. This second wife is up to no good I don't trust her who else thinks zubby friend stole one of the twins cause i have that feelings i don't trust him ND zubby second wife at all if you're with me thumbs up ???? let's know ourselves ND see ???? how it goes ✅????????????????

  4. Zubby's wife shouldnt think her friend will not give her troubles cos she will late feel jealous and take over her home. She just acting like a saint now but they will see her true character later and it will shock them.????????????????

  5. Let me be a movie spoiler Zubby's friend stole his baby and kept somewhere he'd later bring the baby claiming he got him from another woman out of wedlock just to prove he isn't impotent

  6. I don't know about nobody but for me I can't share my husband not in this life or my next life ????????so zubby friend wife is a green snake in green grass ????

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