Synopsis of the movie Dangerous Slap A captivating movie that is worth multiple viewings. Joshua (Zubby Michaels) is a young man who is at the verge of losing …


  1. The story was very good. However i could not watch more than half of part 1 as the music was loud, overbearing and irritating. I had to keep adjusting the volume. This was a discredit to the very talented actors.

  2. I know it's a movie .but thinking out side of the movie ,in real life if am married my husband working we not wealthy my option and belives the wife should be working as well simply why my mother problem becomes my husband what if is mother got sick as well what would he do .not saying that he can't help but come one ladies I know alot that just sit around and with and their husband are man to take care of them while they stay at home doing nothing , that I don't like at all ladies always try to have your own at all time

  3. She knew about the agreement so she should have to a head with it you made a deal with the devil so deal with it that's how i see it .if zubby didn't sign it and her mother dies she would say he kill her .this world oh people

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