CAMPUS BLOOD SEASON 8 (NEW TRENDING MOVIE) – Zubby Micheal|2021 Latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie

Click this link to subscribe to us This time it was war between cultist and anti cult….. The campus became a war zone after the anti-cult …

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  1. Zubby film always make me smile and laugh in the beginning to the end. He most kill all his enemies then police will arrest him, lol ?, even when he still have power to take bullet he will surround him self to police Zubby doings get level , this one choke ???

  2. Nigeria film this days is interesting from the start but rubbish ending, igwe tupac was shot during the exchange it didn’t penetrate him but the same gun and the same bullet from the same person still killed him just like that, he was shot and yet no blood , the directors of the film didn’t do well