What is Love without trust?? Can one work without the other? Both Ladies were living in a clouded world of lack of trust and doubt. They both treated their …

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  1. I can't stand that Zubby got with the bestfriend, she is also part of problems because of her being jealous of her friend. She was the one sending the fake message smh

  2. Good For You Ndidi You Brought This Upon Your Self, Belinda It Won't Be Well With You Because You Make It Quick For Ndidi To Divorced Her Husband You Were Never A Good Friend To Ndidi You Started Be Jealous Right From The Day One Anthony Engaged Ndidi….Bad Friends Everywhere

  3. Is Too Late To Cry When The Head Is Off….God For You Both….Chai Some Women Are Senseless God Please Help Us To Protect Our Marriage And Give Us Wisdom knowledge And Understanding

  4. I wish is just another woman entirely not this wicked friend she doesn't deserve Anthony because she destroy Anthony Marriage am not happy I know Ndidi was stupid and foolish the same but Belinda is wicked she doesn't deserve Anthony it's suppose be another lady not she…this will encourage women to be destroying home because Belinda didn't regret what she did,I don't know if am making point ooo

  5. Movie with a lesson. Both women didnt value what they had till it was too late. But why was Ndidiamaka pregnancy so long?. Divorce, marriage and second wife with belly almost as big as hers.

  6. We ladies need to lean a few things in this movie
    We just have to be careful and have alot trust for the ones we love ,if not
    Thanks for uploading

  7. Be careful of the kind of Friends you keep, be careful when your Friends come and tell you tails about your man, she might just want your man….This is a lesson to all women

  8. This movie shouldn't end like this zubby suppose to know that his second wife was the devil that destroyed his marriage, and i strongly believe that his first wife be insecure should learned her lesson by now.

  9. Can I please have the title of Ken Ericks song the one that plays towards the end of the movie. Sounds so sorrowful n nice though I don't understand the lauguage… Lots of love??❤️❤️❤️

  10. I did not like the way it ended. To many questions unanswerable. Did he find out the friend sent the text. I don't know how to receive this movie. It literally pissed me off

  11. I have very few female friends and even then I make my own decisions. I dont listen and donot encourage gossips. I guard my heart from evil and gossips. I love peace and my space.

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